Purchase of License and Support Agreement

License: 49,000 DKK
Upon purchase, an indefinite right to use BMF – Business Management System is acquired, which is granted to the company as specified in the form to the right. Installation and use of the application require the customer to have a Microsoft Office 365 license and SharePoint.

Support: 1st year 12,000 DKK
The amount covers assistance for installation on the customer’s SharePoint, as well as updates, support, and insurance for the current month + 12 months from the date of purchase. Unless support is terminated, the support agreement will then be billed semi-annually for continued coverage of insurance and ongoing updates to the latest versions, ensuring that the system does not become obsolete. The right to use the system never expires.

The solution must include an active app catalog with access to install the application. This is a standard function in SharePoint that we can assist with or that needs to be activated by a system administrator.

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Customer information

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