ISO 50001 - Energy Management

BMF & ISO 50001

ISO 50001 is the international standard for energy management. The aim is to help companies improve their energy efficiency, such as by reducing usage and consumption, which can lead to reduced energy costs and a reduced environmental impact. With BMF, you can create processes and documents to ensure that your company complies with the requirements set by ISO 50001.

BMF is an extension of your existing Microsoft SharePoint. Thus, it has a user-friendly and organised dashboard and was specifically designed to help companies comply with ISO standards.

This means that BMF can gather everything needed in one place, thus eliminating the need for an expensive QMS or a complex integration, saving you both time and resources.

What can BMF offer to help you gain ISO 50001 compliance?

Manage Documentation Easily
BMF allows you to create, organise and track all the documents and records necessary for your ISO 50001 compliance.

Risk Management
BMF can be used to maintain a risk register of your company’s potential risks and what to do if an accident occurs.

Processes and Guides
You can create specific processes and guidance documents for how employees in your company can reduce energy consumption, allowing you to minimise your environmental impact.

ISO 50001 is the key for companies looking to optimise their energy consumption and reduce their environmental impact.

An ISO 50001 certification signals your company’s commitment to sustainability, which can enhance your reputation and attract environmentally conscious stakeholders. By optimising your energy consumption, you can achieve significant long-term savings and improve your company’s financial sustainability.

If you have already achieved ISO 50001 certification, the BMF management system is for you. ISO 50001 is not just about reducing energy costs, as it’s also about making strategic decisions for a greener future. Companies embracing this standard are positioning themselves as environmentally responsible leaders while also gaining financial benefits.

So, make BMF your management system for ISO 50001 compliance. Contact us today for more information!