ISO 27001 - Information Security

BMF & ISO 27001

ISO 27001 is the international standard for information security. It contains relevant guidance for establishing, implementing, maintaining and improving an information security system. Achieving certification under this standard requires that you implement an effective management system that can be relied upon to meet these requirements.

BMF is an extension of SharePoint. Therefore, you do not have to worry about new risks or IT problems, as everything from user roles to data security is already part of your existing Office platform. BMF extends SharePoint with specialised functionality for approvals, version control and communicating clearly with your employees. It has a user-friendly dashboard that helps you to manage and continuously monitor your security measures.

If your company already uses Office 365 and SharePoint for document management, the transition to BMF will be easy and quick.

But how can BMF work in tandem with my ISO 27001 certification?

Risk-Based Approach
BMF will help you to implement a risk-based approach to data security, enabling you to identify threats and vulnerabilities and manage them effectively, as required by ISO 27001.

Security Management
BMF includes an information management system, which can help you to manage and continuously monitor your security measures.

Specialised User Access
Since BMF is part of SharePoint, it offers specialised management of user access, ensuring that users can only access what they are permitted to.

Integration with ISO 27001
BMF can be customised to meet specific ISO 27001 requirements, thus making your path to compliance more seamless and more efficient.

In an era where digital threats thrive and data security is critical, ISO 27001 is key to protecting your digital assets.

Becoming ISO 27001 certified is not just about protecting your data, but also about safeguarding your company’s reputation and building trust with customers and stakeholders.

Make the BMF management system your indispensable partner on the journey towards data security and compliance with ISO 27001 requirements.

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