GDPR and SharePoint

If you’re concerned about data security or compliance with regulations, you can have full confidence in BMF, which is an extension of SharePoint. This means it utilises the security and governance measures you already have on your Microsoft platform.

Microsoft has implemented strong security and privacy features in SharePoint to assist organisations in protecting personal data and complying with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

Microsoft has invested significant resources in protecting the data stored and processed in its software, including SharePoint. Thus, SharePoint has advanced security measures such as encryption, access control, two-factor authentication and regular security updates.

SharePoint can be used to control user access to data and documents, so that users have access only to the data they need to perform their work.

This means that your data and documents are in safe hands, and you can trust that they are being handled professionally and in accordance with applicable laws.

By using BMF and SharePoint, protecting personal information and complying with GDPR is no longer a burden but an opportunity to build trust and credibility. You don’t have to worry about new cloud services or security issues. In a time when data security and GDPR compliance are crucial for businesses, having a reliable and efficient tool to meet these requirements is more important than ever.

If you choose BMF as your compliance management system, then your company can guarantee data integrity and data protection while meeting all GDPR requirements.

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